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I met MI yesterday and he was nothing I expected. This post is for him. Heck, this entire October post-every-day challenge is for him because he succeeded in making me want something really badly and this is one way to getting it. (I’m going to try and post fresh stuff so forgive my sometimes ramblings).


The smell of dodo tickles my nose and ushers me into wakefulness. The living room is dark and there’s wetness on my chin where I dribbled. I wipe it and stretch. There’s nothing like sleep on a Saturday after a long week of looking inside people’s mouths. I make my way towards the kitchen where a sliver of light emanating from the partly open door tells me Ekene is responsible for the scent that woke me up.

The door swings on quiet hinges as I walk into my kitchen and wrap my arms around his waist.

“When did you come in?” I nuzzle his neck.

“Bia, stop cleaning your mouth on my body.”


“Meaning, the ogbolo you ate in your dream that you’re using style to clean on my neck.”

“I don’t see you moving away, yeye boy. Answer me, abeg. And why didn’t you wake me?”

“Because you looked like your meeting was going too well and I didn’t want to disturb you and…” he turns around in time to catch the hand I was about to pinch him with, “I’ve been around long enough to fry enough plantain for the beans you cooked.”

I spy the used plate and spoon in the sink and smile. “The beans you’ve eaten half of abi?”

He laughs, revealing the chipped tooth that had brought him to my office that first time two years ago. He lets me wriggle out of his arms, patting my butt as I reach for plates and spoons. He dishes the food in silence. More plantain for me, more beans for him. I walk ahead of him; the darkness doesn’t deter me from finding our spot in front of the couch. He flicks the light switch on as he enters the room, cup and bottle of water in his hand.

The dodo is well done, dark brown just short of being burnt, how I like it. The beans is mushy, with small pieces of bonga fish; how he likes it. The prayer is short. Bless this food oh Lord for Christ’s sake, amen.

“I wouldn’t mind eating beans and plantain for breakfast,” Ekene says as he shovels beans into his mouth.

“And lunch.” I blow on a piece of dodo before biting it.

“And dinner. Every day.” He avoids my eyes, concentrating on chewing soft beans.

“For the next fifty years?”

His eyes light up as he looks at me. “Nah. Seventy at least.”

I lean towards him, knocking the bottle of water over. “I’ll call my parents tomorrow,” I whisper before I kiss him.

beans and dodo


 I am a huge fan of The Devil’s Dictionary, so in addition to the regular posts I’ll be defining a word each day. You can suggest words in the comment box. Cheers

Crush: Someone who has your mumu button for a period of time without even knowing they have it.