Blame it on the al al al al al alcohol

Blame it on the alcohol

I was going to write this as a humorous piece from the POV of a bottle of Hennessey, but this matter is way too serious and too close to home for that. It will be a short rant.

More than once, I’ve been hurt by people I care about and when the apology comes, there’s a ‘I was drinking’ in it. In effect, it wasn’t me, it was the alcohol. So, blame the alcohol for my cruelty or my stupidity.

I have a theory: alcohol only magnifies what you already are or are already feeling. So if you’re stupid, alcohol helps you be more stupid. If you’re cruel, alcohol only enhances you cruelty. I won’t even touch rape.

So, I have a rule: if you have a history of alcohol ‘making you do things,’ don’t drink. Please. Stay away from even palmy which according to a character in the movie October 1, “ees our local drink, ees not alcohol.”