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When there are no sounds, no words, gestures and actions suddenly take on a new aspect. Tekeme realized this as she watched the figures on the tv, her mind replaying the scene of Bika running after her, his towel saved from falling by a desperately clutching hand, the stares of the hotel guests as she runs down the stairs, recognizing the man she was to marry by his naked butt, bribing the receptionist to give a spare key to his room so she could surprise her ‘husband’.

Her mind filtered the sound back in slowly.

“Baby, please. Tekeme, please. It’s not what you think at all. It’s not.” The laughter of the woman on the bed, the sound of her heels as she runs out the room and down the stairs, the whispers that greet the sight of a naked Bika running after her, the splash her car made as it fell into the hotel pool.

The sounds were memories, a feeling her deadened eardrums would never know again.


I missed two days of this Every Day in October Challenge. Sunday I was on the road, yesterday I was bloody tired. I will make it up.