No I didn’t get tagged to do this. I read Toinlicious’ The 20s Tag and decided to take her advice and do one of my own. So, here goes twenty things.

  1. I love to read. My mum says at some point she had to defend me to people who said a child shouldn’t read so much. My tastes have gotten more refined over time (or that’s what I like to tell myself).
  2. I’m a huge fan of the book, I read e-books but I prefer having the book in my hand and flipping through the pages.
  3. I smell books.
  4. I listen a lot. Not much of talker, even with friends.
  5. I’m the opposite of a pack rat. I don’t keep things. Objects rarely hold sentimental value for me, so it’s easy for me to throw out stuff (non-book stuff). I prefer memories.
  6. My best friends from when I was a child have always been boys. I have close female friends, but the closest person at every point in time is always a guy.
  7. I spent much of my childhood and part of my teens believing I was going to wake up with a penis one day. I wasn’t a tomboy, I was a boy.
  8. I have very oily face and ears. Yes, ears.
  9. I love to eat beans; fried, boiled, moinmoin, akara but I can’t stand baked beans.
  10. I’m closer to my friends than family. I’m not friendly but I have been blessed with the most amazing friends; and I keep making new ones.
  11. I have a very vivid imagination.
  12. If I didn’t write I’d go crazy.
  13. I’d rather use the stairs than take an elevator or escalator.
  14. I had my first amusement park experience on my birthday this year.
  15. I love chocolate but I prefer not to eat chocolate cake or chocolate flavoured pastries. Choco milo is the way forward.
  16. I have (at last count, somebody fit don born again) 25 nieces and nephews (I feel it’s more sef).
  17. I think Chris de Burgh should be an angel.
  18. Right now, I’m crazy about The Living Years (Mike and the Mechanics).
  19. I enjoy travelling so much I would accompany my friends on rides just to move around.
  20. I can’t seem to add weight anywhere else but my hips and face. My deeper life can hold water. I checked.

That’s it. Twenty things about me. I’m a very precise person so I won’t add one for the road. 😀