This is a revision of the piece I posted yesterday. Seems I left out too many details. So here it is, I hope it’s better than the first. Enjoy!


Fantasia couldn’t wait to open her gift. It had a pink bow with red ribbon tails. The wrapper had Minnie Mouse dancing all over it. Fantasia hated Minnie and her Uncle Frank knew this. Her itching fingers ran over the box as she imagined what it contained. It was too small for a doll. She had dolls as big as she was. Most of them were at the back of her wardrobe with their heads pulled off and cut open; results of her experiments to see their brains.

She stared at the box some more as she considered how much trouble she would be in for opening the gift without her mum’s approval. But this wasn’t any gift. This was Uncle Frank’s gift. It was his first gift in the two years since her mum banned her globetrotting brother from bringing any more ‘weird’ presents for her little girl. She shook the box with her six-year-old strength but nothing came loose.

Frank and his sister Lily watched from behind a curtain as Fantasia fiddled with the box. She had insisted on seeing the gift before Fantasia did but he turned it into a bet.

“If Fantasia doesn’t like the gift, I’ll take it back, and never get another weird,” he rolled his eyes, “present ever again. If she does, I get to buy her anything I want.”

They watched as she undid the bow and removed the wrapper, careful to note where every piece was peeled from. She drew a bag out of the cardboard box, the leather gleaming as the light from a window hit it. They looked on as she fumbled with the zip, her nimble fingers careful not to let it get stuck. Her cry of delight brought a grin to Frank’s face as she brought out a small screw driver from what he knew to be a mini-tool set.

“Told you so,” he said to his sister, her shoulders slumped as they withdrew through the door behind the curtain.