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It’s been exactly two years since I did Counting My Blessings I. Friends have gone from my life since that time. Others have refused to leave, their roots getting deeper and stronger in my life. People say you choose your friends. I really want to give myself credit for mine, but the truth is that God handpicked every one of the persons I consider friend. I always say I’m blessed in my friends.

For loving me; wanting me to be better than I am; never judging, always supporting and reaching out to me, for forgiving my many forgetfulnesses: I say thank you.

Ugonnaya/Munchinchin/Bossbaby; sister of my heart, for teaching me about strength and patience and wanting the best for me, I love you more than there are words. You’re still the nicest person I know.

Olive/Mami/Princessita; motivator, for allowing me pour out my troubles on you and trusting me enough to let me be there for you.

Tinuke/Sisi mi; it’s been a while since Jigawa and the mosquitoes, but the lessons you taught me about Jesus remain with me.

Tega/T/Obebs; brother of my heart, being my male perspective for 12 years and counting, never letting me down (I’ll miss you so much when you leave).

Vicky/Mama; for never letting me get away with being less than myself.

Grace/Gee; for forgiving me.

Lucia/Luce; for your copy of Americanah and the great memories of PHBF.

Sina/Shine; for having my back from so far away, and the e-novels I may never finish reading.

Tina/Mama; for birthing my beautiful godbaby and giving me a chance to experience motherhood (for one day every two months).

Chibuikem/Nna/Chibim; for always being ready for a fight and the open door.

Judith/Judy; for your amazing wisdom for one so young and the awesome future I see ahead of you (I miss you loads).

Temi/Temi; for being more than just a friend: my best friend, loving me, the joy and laughter you bring into my life. I love you doesn’t cover it. You’re my safest place.

I love you guys. You make my world beautiful.

I’m always counting my blessings.