I started this about a year ago as a post on facebook and realised I had a lot more to say.

There is evil in the world, I know this for a fact.

There is suffering, greed, oppression, fear, pain, injustice, corruption and so many bad things that we may not even have names for.

Nations are at the mercy of other nations.

There are conspiracies to keep certain nations under servitude.

There are unjust wars being fought.

There is famine and hunger; children dying every day because they have nothing to eat.

In my country, corruption has taken over. Selfishness and greed are the slogan of many.

In my church, there are a lot of things that could be better.

My streets are littered with refuse; there are potholes all over my roads.

As I type, my eyes well with tears and my heart grows heavy.

There is just so much evil in my world, and I know this for a fact.

I could write a list longer than my arm.

But somewhere along the line, in spite of what I know, I chose to see a different world.

I see the beauty in the midst of the ugliness.

I see people like Katrina McCants-Mbionwu who chose to feed the poor and cloth them.

I see Chetanna Jude Chukwuneke (Rev. Fr.) who chose to develop young people.

I see Vitalis Ozor who took me under his wing as a mentor and friend.

I see the smile on the face of my god daughter and every child that has ever smiled at me.

I feel the joy that comes from loving and being loved.

I see my closest friends who accept me in spite of my imperfections.

I see a God who chose to die for me even when I was still a sinner.

I see a better future in spite of a horrible past.

And because I see, I have hope for myself, my country and my world.

Maybe having hope makes me simplistic and seemingly ignorant of the ills of my world.

But because I see the good, I want more of it and I do my best fight and change the evil.

I might not accomplish a lot, but I’d die knowing I tried to make a difference.

Sometimes words are not enough. Make a move today to change something because no one ever made a difference by being a doomsday prophet or peddling hate in the guise of speaking truth.