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I never bothered to guard my heart

For it felt like I had none

Save the blood-dispensing one

Which played its part

Some told me I locked it

But why didn’t I have the key?

They said wait and see

I told them forget it!

Many helped in the search

For this most elusive object

Tried to make me perfect

 Knock me off my ice-cold perch

She smiled and something changed

The familiar, trusted ice was cracked

My insides with novel emotions packed

Everything appearing rearranged

Svelte, lithe, a bundle of sunshine

Guilty of evoking endless feelings

Words suddenly had new meanings

Created by this angel of mine

An avalanche of sensations cascaded down

Chuckles of bliss, tears of parting

Random kisses, embraces reuniting

Electric tingles to my feet from my crown

Splashes of colour splotched across the skies

Sunrise, sunset, rain and thunder

Gave no worry, caused no wonder

‘Twas all pretty, even picturesque to my eyes

Happiness was now, forever seemed inevitable

But a crooked fork met our single path

Complex differentials that trumped math

To friends and foes scarcely believable

Heart-wrenchingly the curtains came down

On a fairytale ‘thout the happy ending

Two hearts hurt, two hearts bleeding

All that was green had turned to brown

Soulmate, first love, true love, only love?

She found the heart I didn’t know I possessed

But I lost her, I lost that heart, as I regressed

As melted ice down a cliff from up above

By: A friend. For a friend.