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A little something I wrote a while back. Actually I wrote it 13th February, 2012. I’m working on Counting My Blessings II, so I decided to share this first.

Every time I’m asked to count my blessings, the first thing that comes to mind is how blessed I am in my friends. At every point in my life, whether trying something new or it’s same old, there’s always been someone beside me to cheer me on. From nearby or from a distance, I’ve never shed a tear without a shoulder to lean on or celebrated without a voice to add to mine. All of life’s lessons I have learnt, all of life’s experiences I’ve been through, I’ve never had to do it alone. I don’t know what it is about me, but God’s been good to me and blessed me with the best friends in the world. For all the second chances you guys have given, every call, every text, every word of encouragement, every scolding, every prayer; THANK YOU:

Vicky/Mama, for being the most generous person I know, never being afraid to help me overcome my faults
Gracie/Gee, for remembering every birthday, even if everyone else forgets
Emeka/Emy, for being an inspiration to smile even when hurt
Ik/Inno, for helping me act like a lady
Eddie/Sparrow, for teaching me about love
Chuks/Scars, for being my first e-friend and letting me call you ‘sweetie’
Azor/Jisyke, for all you’ve taught me and wanting me to be better and all the dress tips
Ugo/Boss baby, for being the best girlfriend, sister, confidant and taking my side every time (even when you disagree with me) and for being so nice (too nice, I still say)
Tinuke/Sisi mi, for helping me to love the Lord as much as you do (and all the Jigawa mosquitoes you killed), and teaching me to say thank you, please and excuse me more often
Sina/Guri, for being a friend in spite of religious differences, and the e-novels (you rock!!!!!)
Obi/Doc, for accepting my imperfections
Don B, for teaching me everything I know about graphics, opening my eyes to a more beautiful world in print, for being my mentor and teacher and for your patience
B. Vitalis, for being a great role model. Whenever I’ve had to take an important step, I always ask myself, ‘what would Jesus do?’ Then I ask again, ‘what would B. Vitalis do?’ And it’s always the same answer
Eric/Erico, for being a brother away from home
David/Davey, for the great memories and the music
Basilia/Iya , for being the best sister roomie anyone could ask for (and all the ofe-awku on Sundays)
Paul/Pauly, for making me laugh and see the lighter side of things
Chibuike/Nna, for understanding me
Angela/Ellaline aka Mama Ngozi, for being the voice of reason
Ify/Aifey, for being uniquely you and the great years of friendship
Gbenga/Baba, for teaching me to ride a bicycle and not laughing when I fell (you understand me now?)
Uncle Chris, for letting me pick your brain, and all the great advice

I love y’all more than words can say
Just for the record
I’m still counting my blessings……