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Four rolls of crisp bank notes appeared on the table as if by magic.

His eyes took on a shiny tint and his stubby little fingers snapped up the money.

“That’s just the first payment.”

He looked up at me from the notes he had been caressing, his eyes lighting up. I really hated lawyers but the one in front of me was a breed by himself.

I reached across the table to stroke his chin, my fingers almost snapping back of their own accord. He’s just a mark, he’s just a mark, I repeated to myself as I put on a sultry smile.

He licked his lips convulsively, his eyes latching on to where the fabric stretched across my breasts, undressing me with one look.

I leaned back and gave him my best come hither look. I almost jumped when I saw my reflection in the window behind him. Na me be this?

Well, a girl had to eat.

My game wasn’t sex and I was glad for that. I had this morbid fear of someone’s wife or girlfriend catching me on the road and spraying me with acid. It was fouronenine or if Mr. Lawyer in front of me interpreted in legalese; advance fee fraud.

I was the bait, the money; well the money was the hook. The line and sinker came later.

By the time I was through, this fish would be all bones.